Community Based Rehabilitation

In-home pysiotherapy for the elderly

Stay mobile and active with our in-home pysiotherapy service.

Community Based Rehabilitation

Community based rehabilitation is where a trained Altaira Physiotherapist can visit a client in the home for physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Clients who usually utilise this service are those who have recently been discharged from hospital following joint replacement surgery; as well as the elderly population who are looking to maintain mobility and independence, reduce falls risk, and increase strength and balance.

This may include a thorough analysis of environmental and personal risk factors within the client’s home to help mitigate falls risk and foster independence with all aspects of personal and domestic activities of daily living, as applicable. Other times it may be more straight forward rehabilitation and assisting patients with post-operative exercises, including collaborative goal setting to ensure clinical progress is translated to meaningful outcomes for the patient.

Treatment Options

Occupational Therapists will be able to provide recommendations for additional aids or equipment as necessary, with Physiotherapists able to provide treatment with manual therapy as indicated. This will be complemented by the prescription of individualised and specific rehabilitation programs targeted towards strength and balance, as well as achievement of client-centred goals.

Our staff are highly competent in assisting with management of various presentations including stroke rehabilitation; musculoskeletal assessment and treatment; orthopaedic post-operative rehabilitation; balance and falls prevention; and general global strengthening.


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