Fit for Work Assessment

Get back to work in the appropriate role

Assessments designed to get you back to work in your previous or new role.

Return to work assessments

Fit For Work assessments are required when injured workers are no longer able to return to work in their pre-injury role with their pre-injury employer, or an alternate role with their pre-injury employer. These assessments are required when an injured worker requires a new role with a new employer (i.e. option 3 as per above).

  • Return to pre-Injury Employer working pre-Injury Role
  • Return to pre-Injury Employer working alternate Role
  • Alternate employer and alternate role

Fit for Work Assessment

A thorough subjective, objective, and functional assessment is conducted, in order to ascertain an individual worker’s current maximum functional capacity (or maximum functional improvement, i.e. prognosis). For these assessments, a Rehabilitation Consultant / Occupational Consultant often helps explore several different options for the injured worker to consider for their new employment. The Assessor’s role is to match the worker’s functional capacity with the required job demands of the chosen new role to help determine the most suitable option for a safe and sustainable return to work. A detailed analysis and report is then drawn up for consideration of the relevant stakeholders.