Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training Across Industries

Manual handling training is often utilised in industries which require staff to undergo strenuous physical activity throughout their workday, specifically in regard to lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy loads. Industries which most commonly require manual handling training include but are not limited to nursing and care work, warehouses and distribution centres, mining, agriculture, courier roles, and many other professions.

Principles of Good Manual Handling

The basic principles of good manual handling are as follows:

  • Assess the load and plan a safe lift (i.e. how heavy is the load and is help required?)
  • Determine the best technique (i.e. neutral posture, bend knees, wide base of support)
  • Ensure you have a secure grip and hold the load close to your body
  • Avoid excessive bending or twisting (nose follows toes)
  • Utilise a no lift policy where possible for heavy items (can machinery be used?)

Altaira’s Manual Handling Training

Altaira’s manual handling training will be specifically tailored and designed to the industry of the target audience, and includes not only advice regarding pushing, pulling, carrying, etc. but also tips and tricks to help prevent build up of muscle injuries during the working day. This includes importance of warm-up and cool down routines, as well as pause / reversal exercises which can be used throughout the working day.