Injury Prevention Screening Sessions

Prevent Injuries Before They Occur

The goal of an Injury Prevention Screening Session is to provide participants with awareness for identifying early signs of injuries, as well as poor biomechanics and body balance. Participants will be provided with self-management strategies to help prevent or manage any injuries independently, and to perform at their optimum level, whether that be for work, sport, or otherwise.

Perform at the highest level injury free

The Altaira physiotherapist running the session will explain general rehabilitation principles, common injuries associated with the target group (i.e. particular sport or occupation), the contributing factors towards them, and most importantly – what can be done to help prevent injuries and consistently perform at your highest level.

How are sessions structured?

At the start of this session the physiotherapist will run through a series of assessments specifically designed to pick up any pain and/or abnormalities in commonly injured areas of the body. The physiotherapist will assist with individual technique as required and provide further advice for specific musculoskeletal complaints that may arise.

Each participant will be provided with their own individual Self-Assessment Sheet. This will be used to assist you identify three key problem areas. Participants are encouraged to score each problem area a rating out of 10 for severity of pain or abnormality and describe symptoms as they occur.

Self-assessment screenings at the start of the session will be followed by a demonstration of common exercises and strengthening routines which can be used for the target population. The participants are encouraged to identify the most relevant exercises for themselves, their body type, their individual injury history.