Pre-Employment Functional Assessments

All the medical checks to start work fast

Altaira has created purpose-built, state of the art clinical and functional assessment rooms as part of our Allied Health division.

We offer Pre-Employment Functional Assessments, which include general health check; musculoskeletal assessment; and functional assessment components.

Our industry leading functional assessments provide same day reports, allowing staff to commence work in the fastest possible time.

General Health Check

This section of the assessment determines the candidate’s general health and fitness to undertake the assessment itself.

Subjective information gained throughout this part of the assessment will also help guide the clinician for the physical assessment.

General Health Check is composed of:

  • Drug Screening Test (urine sample)
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Basic Health Assessment
  • Visual Screening Assessment

Musculoskeletal Assessment

This section will provide an overview of musculoskeletal health, including screening for common acute and chronic injury risk factors.

The clinician will use their clinical reasoning skills to determine the level of risk associated with the findings, and how this may relate to the functional demands of the proposed job role.

Musculoskeletal Assessment is composed of:

  • Grip Strength Testing
  • Dynamic Movements
  • Global Joint Range of Motion
  • Special/Extra Testing (for tendons, ligaments, and impingements)
  • Neurological and Neurodynamic Testing

Functional Assessment

The functional component will be specifically tailored to suit the job requirements of individual roles (nurse, care worker, etc.), with detailed analysis and comparison to minimum functional demands required for these roles.

Functional Assessment is composed of:

  • Postural Tolerances
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Assessment
  • Assessment of Manual Handling Capacity
  • Analysis of Manual Handling Competency

Same Day Reports

Professional reports will be sent out to prospective clients on the same day of the assessment.

These reports will include a summary of the main findings presented in a pertinent yet succinct manner, along with an overall risk rating for the candidate of either low, medium, or high.